Billboard just released their list of the top “21 under 21″ music stars and a few of your favorites made AND topped the list! Rounding out the top three spots were Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift! Amazing! Who else made the cut? Nick Jonas came in at #6, followed by Demi Lovato at #8, Greyson Chance at #9 and Miley Cyrus at #10. Miranda Cosgrove came in at #14 and just making the list was Cody Simpson at #20!

No. 1: Taylor Swift
No. 2: Justin Bieber
No. 3: Selena Gomez
No. 4: Charice
No. 5: Soulja Boy
No. 6: Nick Jonas
No. 7: Willow Smith
No. 8: Demi Lovato
No. 9: Greyson Chance
No. 10: Miley Cyrus
No. 11: Lex Luger
No. 12: Taylor Momsen
No. 13: Chris Colfer
No. 14: Miranda Cosgrove
No. 15: Diggy Simmons
No. 16: Wonder Girls
No. 17: Never Shout Never
No. 18: New Boyz
No. 19: Nikki Yanofsky
No. 20: Cody Simpson
No. 21: Sean Kingston

According to, the way they made the list was based on the stars’ “potential to rule pop culture over the next 12 months.” We think they did a pretty good job! But, what do you guys think about this list? Did your favorites make the cut? Did you expect to see other people higher on the list than they were? If YOU made the list, who would take the top 10 spots, in your opinion? Leave us your own “21 Under 21″ lists and tell us who you would have chosen!



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